Your hands and feet can endure some extreme conditions on a daily basis. In fact some people consider them to be the hardest working parts on the human body. Isn’t it time to make them feel magical and look fantastic? Come in for one of our spa treatments and let your hands and feet know you love them.

Manicure for your feet

Includes a relaxing soak, nail trim, toe polish of your choice   $20.00

Mini Pedicure

All the goodies of a manicure for your feet plus let us remove the unwanted calluses from your feet. $ 35.00

Heavenly Spa Pedicure

All services of Mini Pedicure plus sugar scrub and moisturizing mask or paraffin treatment. $45.00

Chocolate Spa Pedicure

Your feet will feel like Heaven when we are done with this pedicure.   Includes a nail trim, shaping and buffing. Callus Removal. A homemade all natural coffee mocha scrub. Chocolate Oatmeal Moisturizing masque. Moisturizing foot massages with essential oils and toe polish of your choice. $45.00

Wake up your feet Spa Pedicure

If you have tired sore feet then this is the pedicure for you. Includes a nail trim, shaping and buffing. Callus Removal.  A homemade all natural Zesty ginger scrub made with brown sugar and essential oils.  Chocolate Oatmeal Moisturizing masque.  Moisturizing foot massage with essential oils and toe polish of your choice. $45.00

Soothe those Toes Spa Pedicure

Let us use the natural soothing power of aloe Vera to relax your tired toes. Includes a nail trim, shaping and buffing.  Callus Removal.  A homemade all natural Aloe Vera scrub made with brown sugar and essential oils.  Chocolate Oatmeal  Moisturizing masque.  Moisturizing foot massage with essential oils and toe polish of your choice. $45.00

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Spa Pedicure

We are taking chocolate dipped strawberries to whole other level.  If you like chocolate you will love this pedicure.  This service includes a nail trim, shaping and buffing.  Callus removal.  A homemade strawberry mocha scrub made with real crushed strawberries!  Chocolate Oatmeal Moisturizing masque.  Moisturizing foot massage with essential oils and toe polish of your choice.  $45.00

Gel Polish Add-On



Keep those naturals nails neat and professional looking or fun and crazy with a heavenly manicure.  We will trim, file and buff your natural nails.  We use creative nail cuticle remover and push back and remove excess cuticles.  We use give you a luxurious hand massage.  To top it off we will polish your nails with the color your choice. $15.00

Shellac Gel Polish Manicure

Love the look or your natural nails, but wished the polished would last longer.  Then our gel polish natural nail service is for you!  All the goodies of our Heavenly Manicure then we use Gel Polish and Cure them with our special UV light and your polish will last up to 14 days! $25.00 and $30.00

Paraffin wax treatment

Are your hands and or feet dry and cracked?  Are your cuticles splitting and cracked?  Then come in and have a Paraffin wax treatment with our warm paraffin wax to sooth and treat those Ouchy sore hands and or feet.  This is a great compliment to add to any nail or pedicure service or have it done alone. $12.00

Buff and Polish for your nails

Don’t  have time for a manicure or are you in between your acrylic fill appointment and just want to freshen your polish up then this is the service for you.  We will remove your nail polish and buff out your nails and put nail polish on to give your nails a fresh new look. $10.00

Full Set of Tips only

Going out for the evening and want to add some length to your nails without the commitment of coming in for a fill every 2 weeks?  We can put tips on your nails buff and polish them and they will look beautiful for that special event.  These are temporary and will only last a few days. $35.00

Full set of acrylic enhancement nails

Sick of looking at your not so good looking nails.   Want a need professional looking nails that you don’t ever have to worry about having to chipping nail polish or uneven nail lengths.   We can use our professional acrylic products and sculpt beautiful nails on to your existing nails for a flawless yet natural looking nail.  Your polish will not chip or wear and you come see us every 2 weeks for a rebalance (fill) to keep that flawless natural look.  People will think they were your own natural nails. $55.00

Acrylic Rebalance (Fill)

Once your full set has been put on you will need a rebalance or fill every 2 weeks.  As your nails grow your acrylics grow out with your own nails so we need to fill and rebalance where that has acrylic grown out.  We also need to remove any acrylic that has lifting away from the natural nail and put new acrylic on.  This service keeps your acrylic enhancements looking natural and flawless at all times. $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00

Acrylic Overlays

Love your nails, but hate when one breaks and you have to cut them all down?  Or are you sick of polishing them every few days?  Let us take your natural nails and put an overlay of our professional acrylic product over them.   They will keep them from breaking and your polish will last until we take it off for your next rebalance (fill).  $40.00